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When the Millennium Puzzle activates, Yugi is filled with its magical energies and becomes Yami Yugi, his much more powerful alter ego. Not only is Yami Yugi a master dueler, but he is full of confidence and courage.


If there was ever a kid born to play Duel Monsters, Yugi is that kid. While his fellow freshmen at Domino High School may only see him as the shy type, Yugi's best friends, Joey, Tristan, and Téa know about his secret talent.


Once a wild and tough street kid, Joey has learned the value of friendship and has become a loyal buddy to Yugi. Although sometimes Joey's harsh street background can make him hot-headed and too quick to act before he thinks, he has a heart of gold and would do anything for his friends, especially his younger sister, who lives apart from him.


Sophisticated and cultured, Pegasus is not only the ingenious creator of the Duel Monster's game, but seems to be a perfect gentleman, as well. However, Pegasus has many dark secrets. His left eye has been replaced with an ancient Egyptian artifact called the "Millenium Eye", a totem that gives Pegasus strange and magical powers. Pegasus modeled Duel Monsters after a mysterious Egyptian game thousands of years old


Among all of Yugi's friends, Téa is the voice of reason. A childhood friend of Yugi's, Téa is also the biggest cheerleader in the group, always encouraging everyone to believe in themselves and to never give up. Téa loves her friends so very much and is willing to help them in any way she possibly can.


Tristan met Yugi at the same time as his long time pal, Joey. And even though these two friends bicker with each other every once in a while, they always cover each other's backs. Sometimes he's quick to panic, but when it comes down to it, Tristan is willing to do whatever it takes to support and cheer on his friends.


Mai is as pretty as she is dangerous...and that's pretty dangerous! She's one of the top duelists in the world and fights for the riches that await only the best. Posh and frequently self-absorbed, Mai is not above using her charm to advance her situation. Though she plays for superficial reasons, Mai may yet learn from Yugi's example.


Even though Kaiba is the wealthy CEO of his own multinational high-tech corporation, KaibaCorp, his real passions lay in the world of Duel Monsters. There, he uses his ruthless business drive to overcome any who challenge him. He is an expert in the art of dueling and although he resents him, Kaiba is slowly developing respect for Yugi. We may see Kaiba straying from his selfish ways just yet!


Mokuba sees no evil in his big brother, Seto; these brothers are the only friend and family each other has since their parents died at an early age. Instead, Mokuba idolizes Seto and sees only his good side. Mokuba is so devoted to his big bro, that he's pledged to avenge anyone who crosses him.


A former world traveler, Yugi's grandpa now owns the neighborhood gaming shop. Grandpa knows everything there is to know about games, but is especially well-versed in the ways of Duel Monsters. Grandpa teaches Yugi about believing in the "heart of the cards".


Bakura is a school friend of Yugi's. You'd think their shared passion to play Duel Monsters would give them plenty to bond over, but there's just something not quite right about him. Could it be the rare and powerful Millenium ring that he possesses? After all, it seems that when the magical ring activates, Bakura cannot control its dark powers


Name Marik Ishtar Malik Ishtar
· · ·   Mariku Ishtaaru
Alias Namu  
Race Human Human
Gender Male Male
Age 16 years 16 years
Hair Light Blonde Light Blonde
Eyes Violet Violet
Height 5'11" 180 cm
Weight 121 lbs 55 kg
Blood Type B Type B
Status Ishizu's younger brother Isis's younger brother

Name Odion Ishtar Rishid Ishtar Odion Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
· · · Odeon Ishtar  
Alias Marik Mariku
Race Human Human
Gender Male Male
Age 28 years 26 years
Hair Black ponytail Black ponytail
Eyes Green Green
Height About 6'0"-6'2" About 183 cm-188 cm
Status Marik's servant and adopted brother Marik's servant and adopted brother
Voice Michael Alston Baley, Ted Lewis

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