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For Sale!.

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For Sale!.
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For Sale!

Y-Dragon Head.


For Sale!
Y-Dragon Head.
Mint CondItion, Atk:1500 Def:1300.


Wanted: God Cards
any god card 4 trade or money if u hav eny REAL GOD CARDS  E-Mail Me at

Coming Soon!.

To Buy Any Thing On This Page E-mail Me At: and give me your details and send your cheques after i give you my details. When I recieve your cheques i will send your card you have ordered.
Sorry Cheques And Cash Only!

Thousand-Eyes Restict.


For sale!
Thousand-eyes Restrict.
Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect, Atk:0 Def:0.
Mint Condition.

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